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Build VR Sites with Your Hands

From Supermedium and A-Frame comes Supercraft! A super accessible creation tool that lets you craft VR worlds, with your hands, all from within VR. Our goal is to enable more VR content creation on the Web by providing an easy to use tool on top of A-Frame. Check out the gallery!

We've enabled hundreds of thousands of developers get involved building VR through A-Frame. Now Supercraft aims to take it to another level to get anyone involved building VR without having to learn code or complex UIs.

After crafting your world, you can publish and share to the Web, with just a simple URL. Your friends and family can check out your Supercraft site on any browser, platform, and headset. Supercraft sites load smooth in seconds, even from a smartphone! For example, check out the gallery on the Supercraft home page or this castle.

Initially, Supercraft provides you a simple set of shapes, colors, and environments. It's basic, but we've seen amazing things people can create when put under constraints. We built several showcase worlds that took on average 15 minutes each. Our technical artist, @feiss, led the visuals and curated the palette to give a nice low-poly aesthetic.

We hope to start building a community where WebVR content in the order of minutes versus weeks. We want to showcase people's work in the A-Frame and WebVR communities as well as through Supermedium. With Supercraft being the tools, Supermedium can drive traffic to the content as it powers a large chunk (if not the majority) of in-headset WebVR usage and can provide a distribution channel through Steam and Oculus today.

We built Supercraft using A-Frame, but Supercraft also acts as a complementary tool for A-Frame. With the A-Frame Supercraft Loader, developers can craft objects and environments to be loaded into WebVR applications. The benefit of Supercraft objects versus normal models is that they are easier to create, have a smaller file size due to not needing to store as vertices and faces, are performant due to geometry merging and shared materials, can load faster due to not needing to parse big file formats, and can later come baked with interactions via declarative A-Frame components.

There are countless things we could do with Supercraft. While we have ideas, we'd love for you to grab a Vive or Rift, try it out, and let us know what you think! Just open Supermedium from Steam or Oculus, and you'll see Supercraft right there, as well as a showcase of Supercraft Sites. If you have feedback, let us know at or on the #supermedium channel on the A-Frame Slack. Let's craft the VR Web together!

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