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    Got questions about VR and the Web?

    What does it mean to be a VR browser?

    Supermedium is the browser for the VR Internet. With Supermedium, you don't browse 2D sites like Facebook or Twitter; you browse fully 3D, interactive, VR applications, published on the open Web. VR sites feel just like native VR applications and can be anything. We have mini-games, musical trips, creation tools, art installations, journalistic pieces, modeled environments, dance parties. Bringing back the feeling of flash games!

    View our VR content directory.

    What headsets does Supermedium support?

    We are focusing on headsets that provide the best experience by having positional tracking and controllers. That today are the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets, and that excludes Oculus Go. We are currently working on Oculus Quest support.

    Is Supermedium a platform?

    Supermedium is based on the Web without need for any proprietary tools or langauges. The content you browse in Supermedium are published using standard Web technologies. Developers don't have to go through us to publish content. VR sites built on the Web can be accessed in other browsers supporting VR as well. Supermedium just provides a better VR browsing experience.

    Can I view normal 2D webpages in Supermedium?

    No, we are focusing on providing a fully immersive and interactive VR experience. Design choices in VR will be drastically different from that of 2D, we are defining what a VR-only browser looks like.

    Will there be Linux or Mac support?

    Not at the moment, perhaps eventually. We are dependent on the hardware and SDKs supporting the OS, and there is some work on our end to get Supermedium working on other OSes. We are focused on improving the browser at the moment while on Windows and on upcoming standalone headsets.

    How can I feature my VR site in Supermedium?

    Through the Sites panel, test your VR website within Supermedium. Let us know about any cool content you build at team@supermedium.com, and we'll check it out! We love to feature content that is either visually entertaining and is interactive, making use of hands.